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NEVA®Posateria Creativa

Neva Posateria Creativa produces every single item in-house.
The cutlery items are crafted with meticulous processing, passion and creativity to yield a product that is entirely made in Italy.

The Neva Posateria Creativa philosophy transcends mere cutlery to define a lifestyle that promotes individual expression, creative experimentation and the quest for atmospheres evoking aesthetic harmony laced with a decorative flair.


Colourful, dynamic, lively and cheerful.

Discover the colours, design and characteristics of our cutlery.

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Plain Colour
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Decor Collection
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natural inspiration
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Anteprima cutlery
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Why choose NEVA®?


Production capacity

Standard monthly production capacity for the production of decorated/coloured cutlery items.


Years of experience

Years of experience acquired in the sector, through collaboration with leading companies at an international level.


Models of cutlery

Models of decorated cutlery items available in different styles, with the possibility of creating additional versions exclusively for the customer.



Designers who collaborate with our company in creating our products.

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Our method

Draughting and Design

We directly carry out the draughting and design, steel stamping and plastic component moulding, decoration, assembly and final packaging phases.


Neva Posateria Creativa produces and distributes each individual item and is able to satisfy the requests of any customer – whether small, medium or large.
The company proposes its products to large-scale retailers, for which it manufactures specific inexpensive products, but also to the Italian and foreign retail sectors.


The insertion of the visible steel core sandwiched in the handle is inspected for each individual item.
The plastic materials, such as polypropylene, are entirely non-allergenic and certified according to the regulations in force.