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Pied de Poule

A timeless and undisputed symbol of elegance, houndstooth has returned to the fore to become one of the favourite decorative motifs of fashion designers. Neva Posateria Creativa therefore decided to bring the fashion world to the table by creating new collections dedicated to an evergreen classic.

What ensued was the launching of ‘Pied de poule’ and ‘Pied de poule tone-on-tone’, the new coloured cutlery sets for expressing a new funny vein through revolutionary colour combinations. Given their immediate success, the decoration was laser-engraved on the ‘Anteprima’ collection to create the 18/10 stainless steel ‘Pied de poule’ collection: a mighty 3 mm-thick mirror-polished cutlery set enriched by micro-engraved details.

Houndstooth, much sought-after in the black and white version by Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga, is proposed by Neva Posateria Creativa in decorations that pay tribute to the chequered pattern resembling chicken feet. While the latter denotes its meaning in French, the English translation for the pied de poule pattern is ‘houndstooth’. There are many other variants of this processing technique, which traces its roots to Scotland.

A favourite choice for jackets and coats, bags and women’s classic suits, nowadays houndstooth can also be found on tableware thanks to Neva Posateria Creativa. Its success in the fashion world started in the Thirties: used for both men and women’s elegant garments, is soon became synonymous with luxury.

Houndstooth exudes elegance when associated with red and black, but can also assume a wittier and trendy dimension. For this reason, Neva Posateria Creativa has decided to produce its new cutlery sets in a wide range of colours. Thanks to this new collection, you can enrich your lunch or dinner event with a table setting that will astonish all your table companions.

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