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Our Made in Italy production

Neva Posateria Creativa produces every single item in its plant in Lumezzane, thanks to a slim, fast and flexible production department that can count on the latest generation machinery for decoration and assembly, as well as on valid and certified suppliers.

Design e co design

We directly carry out the draughting and design phases by analysing each product down to the slightest detail. The ideas and decorations stem from the creative minds of Neva, but the company is able to produce customised decorations to satisfy the most sophisticated demands. Through the private-label service we guarantee the possibility of marking our products on behalf of third subjects.
NEVA® Posateria creativa
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Steel Stamping

We directly oversee all the production processes: steel stamping and plastic component moulding, decoration, assembly and final packaging. Our cutlery items are distinguished by a visible steel core sandwiched between the plastic components decorated with a special processing technique.

Sublimation Decoration

Thanks to sophisticated decoration processes, our products are all dishwasher safe. Through dye-sublimation heat transfer printing, the dye is printed on the handle at temperatures exceeding 200°C.

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Component Assembly

Depending on the type of product and material, the cutlery items are assembled by means of various techniques: hot joining; ultrasound welding; using bi-component aluminium binders and mechanically through pressure. During this phase we implement extremely innovative, cutting-edge machinery for guaranteeing the highest processing quality.

Quality Control

We check every single product throughout all processing phases. Conformity to the customer’s requirements is verified prior to delivery through a series of checks necessary to ensure that the product leaving our plant is simply perfect.

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We collaborate with certified companies that use European stainless steel.In addition to assure the certification of the materials, we do a minute quality control during all the phases of the production. The synthetic materials used for the handles, as primary polypropylene, ABS, polyester and the methacrylate, are totally hypoallergenic and certified according to the current standards. The decorative process, made inside our establishment, assures a high resistance to the washing in dishwasher.

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The Asia Collection

The excellence of Made in Italy design with an oriental feel.

A sophisticated and trendy line of cutlery and chopsticks, perfect for decorating the most original tables.

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