Our commitment

The Romantica Collection

Sustainable supply chain

Our brand-new Romantica collection was developed out of a desire to combine design and sustainability into a unique and refined flatware. This is how, in 2023, our Romantica collection was born, entirely made from recycled and certified materials: the polypropylene handle and the nickel-free stainless steel metal part are both 100% recycled.

Ecological packaging

In order to reduce the impact of our packaging on the environment, we make it from fully recyclable cardboard.

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Inclusivity and Diversity

We have always strived to provide an open and inclusive work environment, supporting the onboarding process and integrating employees with different ethnic and professional backgrounds.

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Gender social responsibility

What makes our company peculiar is a strong female presence. Every day we strive to ensure gender equality and promote equal opportunities for professional growth, training and protection to all women and men of our team.

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Social responsibility towards our stakeholders

We collaborate with Italian suppliers and manufacturers with the aim to generate welfare across the country. Choosing to collaborate with local suppliers and partners allows us to cut CO2 emissions related to the transportation of raw materials and the distribution of finished products.

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Commitment to our team

The relationship with our employees reflects that of a large family: each one is supported with annual expense contributions, and we promote an appropriate work-life balance.

To protect the safety and well-being of our team, we ensure comfortable and healthy work environments, aiming to provide stimulating spaces that foster creativity and motivation. Just as during working hours, we also promote meeting opportunities outside our office to strengthen a sense of belonging and promote integration within the group.

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Our commitment to some associations of Social Promotion

Since 2011, Neva has been supporting the Event “Gala in Rosa” of the non-profit association Gomitolo Rosa, following its values. By promoting wool knitting, the association foster the well-being of patients engaged in medical therapies, raising awareness of solidarity and environmental sustainability.

We share the philosophy of CAI Alpinismo, which identifies its values in its love of nature and constant willingness to challenge itself. This is why, for the past four years, we have been the official sponsor of the “youth” and “adult” divisions.

For seven years we have been supporting GAIM, a non-profit organization that makes commitment to African communities.

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