Cutlery production: the shabby chic style

When you decide to furnish your rooms in a shabby chic style, it is also necessary to carefully take care of the mise en place. Neutral shades and soft touch fabrics can help create a romantic, elegant and, at the same time, informal atmosphere. To convey warmth and hospitality, it is important that the table presents all the right accessories and crockery, including a shabby chic cutlery set.


Setting up the table in a shabby chic style

To set up the table in a shabby chic style it is first of all necessary to take care of the tablecloth. The choice usually falls on light colored linen tablecloths. Subsequently, it will be the turn of the dishes made in classic materials and napkins with soft fabrics and colors, tending to white or light shades. The glasses, elegant and refined, will be placed on the table together with the right shabby chic cutlery.

Neva Posateria Creativa, leader in the production of cutlery, offers a wide range of shabby chic solutions for shops and companies. Distinguished by color and decorations on the handle, they meet different tastes and are to be considered the ideal solution for setting up a shabby chic style table.

shabby chic


Shabby chic style cutlery

To set the table in shabby chic style, classic cutlery with a neutral design in stainless steel is generally used. If the intention is to dare a little more, you can also opt for cutlery with a colored handle or decorated according to floral and traditional motifs, or alternatively geometric and modern patterns.

Shabby chic cutlery is commercially available in different variants. The shades and colors to be preferred are neutral, light and pastel ones. You can choose between plain colors and decors. The latter tend to depict the classic flowers of the Provencal style or vintage and retro motifs: polka dots, tablecloths and majolica.


Are you looking for shubby chic cutlery for your shop or entreprise? Keep in touch!

Neva Posateria Creativa offers you a wide range of alternatives. Innovation and experience leads the company’s everyday work, allowing the creation of products at competitive prices. The excellent quality of the raw material and the high production versatility make Neva Posateria Creativa the ideal partner to rely on.

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