Coloured Cutlery For Spring

What beats a dinner among friends and a convivial evening around a table?

Spring is back and the warm days arouse an irresistible desire to organise a get-together with friends. Having the right company is an essential prerequisite, but setting the table in an unforgettable manner is equally important for the occasion’s success.

Neva Posateria Creativa has found the way to astonish your guests with its new decorated and colourful cutlery collections. Various 4-piece cutlery sets are available in an extensive range of colours and decorations. Entirely made in Italy, the cutlery items by Neva Posateria Creativa are made of stainless steel and feature a polypropylene handle that is dishwasher safe. Besides boasting excellent craftsmanship and a high quality standard, the new cutlery items also add a genuinely chic touch to the table.

The cutlery by Neva Posateria Creativa will arouse your desire to use them every day, thanks to their carefree profile suited to a youthful and colourful table that’s always in season. The cheerful colours and patterns will turn daily meals into a festive occasion and convivial gatherings with friends into unforgettable moments.

We should never forget that setting the table is a social ritual revealing how much we care for our table companions: whether family, childhood or new friends, relatives, colleagues or the person with whom we share our daily life. It can be likened to a caress, even if we are alone at the table. We should therefore devote our best efforts to the gesture, by choosing colourful cutlery capable of conveying a joyful, carefree spirit which should be the essential ingredient of any lunch or dinner. Neva Posateria Creativa therefore suggests choosing colourful, decorated cutlery items for adding something special between you and your guest. Or between you and your dish.

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