Production of wood-effect cutlery: the alternatives to choose from

Respect for tradition is also achieved through the preparation of the table. Some of us are tied to the values ​​of the past, while others are looking for their own style. In both cases, the possible combinations are infinite. The perfect combination for a mise en place at the same time traditional and modern is to be found in the wood-effect cutlery, inspired by nature itself and designed in detail.


Wood-effect cutlery sets

The cutlery set with wooden texture is the ideal solution to set up the table during the winter, summertime or spring season. Whether it’s an elegant dinner in front of the fireplace, or an informal lunch in the open air, the wood-effect cutlery helps to infuse the mise en place with a strong and harmonious character.

Setting rustic and refined tables with wood-effect cutlery means focusing on tradition and natural decorations, without missing out on details that are typical of modernity. We refer to stainless steel cutlery with a handle decorated with the typical shapes, textures and veins of wood. The wood-effect cutlery is available in different colors: from the more classic ones, recalling the dark and natural shades of wood, to the modern ones, which recall more lively and trendy tones.

Wood-effect cutlery


A company specialized in the production of wood-effect cutlery

While choosing the manufacturer to contact for the purchase of wood-effect cutlery, it is necessary to identify the most suitable material. The most popular and appreciated one is certainly stainless steel, which is resistant and sturdy. It is also important to make sure that high quality raw materials are used for the production of the wooden cutlery, and that the wood-effect decorated handle of the cutlery is created and treated according to the indelible sublimation method.

The sublimation process allows the sleeve to withstand washing in the dishwasher without getting damaged. In fact, we are dealing with an innovative printing system: sublimation thermo-printing allows the ink to be printed on the handle of the cutlery at temperatures exceeding 200°, giving them a flawless wood effect.


Which company should you entrust with the production of wood-effect cutlery? Keep in touch!

If you are a company or a shop and you do not know who to turn to for the purchase of wood-effect cutlery, you can center yourself to Neva Posateria Creativa. Over ten years of experience permit our company to provide a wide range of quality products. Each piece – created with refined raw materials – reflects the right combination of traditional values ​​and innovation.

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